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About Pexopower

We are one of the leading renewable energy solutions providers in these countries like the UK, Africa, Austria, South America, etc. Today we are across 5 countries which was already mentioned above with our two decades of operational track record we have established.

A cumulative installation of approximately 7.4 GW of wind energy capacity globally, including around 4.40 GW in the UK itself. Over 2200 employs of diverse nationalities. Ten wordclass manufacturing facilities across the world, with eight being in the united kingdom. In-house research and development (R&D) set-up in Germany. Most comprehensive product portfolio in the industry pioneered 'Concept to Commissioning' model for end-to-end solutions.

Pexopower provides an all-encompassing solution to wind-energy products in the form of wind turbines that are infused with state-of-the-art technology from their blades, nacelle, towers, and foundations. Pexopower's multi-dimensional approach to value engineering and cost reduction provides better margins and a competitive advantage to its customers thereby being able to provide and sustain the very best in renewable energy solutions while maintaining an eco-friendly approach. A full spectrum of services that range from feasibility studies to complete life cycle asset management.A place in the category in the leading OEMs. We have also forayed into the solar as an EPC Player with many projects already in the pipelines. Our power generation group headquartered in the UK.


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Our power generation company has installed 10,000 MW of wind power capacity in 5 countries. Within United Kingdom wind power installations build by Pexopower power generation company produce over 3050 MW of power. It's notable installation in United Kingdom include.
A pioneer of the UK wind energy sectar Pexopower is now a significant player in the solar energy sectar. We consider ourselves to be the custodians of our customers assets and thus offer the advantages of life time support to customers through OMS contacts. Our exctiting OMS set-up is already handling 5 GW of wind projects globally.

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